Kiddies Spa Parties

Kiddies Spa Parties

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Kiddies Spa Parties

Kiddies Spa Parties – Whether you are thinking of having your little one a spa party at home or at the day spa , at Divine Divas Pamper Parties  – Mobile Spa and Day Spa Party Venue in Pretoria, we cater for all your needs.

You can sit back and relax so we can do the rest.

When booking you need to weigh up your options of whether to have it at home or at the day spa.

Our day spa and mobile spa caters for Ladies of  all ages. A safe & pampering fun environment.

In the spa we can accommodate a large number as well as mobile.

Do you have a dedicated area for us to transform into a magical relaxing day spa? Do you have seating or would you like to rent it?

Would you like to rent our VIP Party room at our Day Spa Party Venue in Pretoria for some eats and treats with the birthday cake for a further celebration. 

Would you like to clean up afterwards? Or would you like to sit back and relax and once done no cleaning. No cleaning a messy house after a party. I prefer the venue.

No cleaning up your home afterwards. A Definite winner for me.

Pamper Parties for Girls Children Spa Day Mobile Spa Party Tips Ideas

Ok , now that you have decided to have your girl’s Divine Divas Pamper Party at home and choose the mobile option there is a few things to remember and consider. 


Balloons , soft pillows , keep to the theme and color scheme

Use what you have and buy what you need and want extra to add extra sparkle. Contact Maritza for party / event planning should you require.

Divine Divas Pamper Parties Birthday Cake Ideas:

Have a look on my FB page for some ideas on the birthday cake. Please Like and share our Page. Thank you

Cake ideas

Pamper Party Food:

Some Pamper Party Food Ideas – click here

The age of the Birthday child & friends:

Keep activities and food to the age group. Also remeber if you have water to keep safety in mind and slipping. Make sure the room is child friendly in all aspects to reduce your own stress. Pack orniments away so you do not have to stress over someone knocking them over during the party.

The Dedicated area for the Pamper Party if mobile:

Seating – 2-3 couches or chairs  – 1 per person for the pedicure and a table with seating for each guest – Divine Divas also have a fully inclusive option where they bring the tables and stools. 

Close to hot and cold water and a basin to drain water

Close to an electricity outlet for the music

Book at our Day Spa Party Venue and just bring the girls to be pampered. No need to worry about anything. We have you covered.

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