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At Divine Divas Pamper Parties – Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue our aim is to welcome valued clients into our upmarket, warm, friendly, self-esteem boosting environment for fun experiences!

Your Child has been invited to the most super awesome birthday party venue around and you might have some questions?

What is Divine Divas Pamper Parties- Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue ?

Divine Divas Pamper Parties – Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue Spa. We are Pretoria’s Day Spa dedicated to children of all ages, Girls, Tweens, Moms, Ladies.

We specialize in Spa Pamper Themed Birthday Parties and pamper sessions and spa services. We offer lots of fun Individual Package & Group Pamper Packages.

We also carry our very own line of exclusive organic range of self-produced hypo-allergenic tween bath treats, & unique gifts.

What services does Divine Divas Pamper Parties – Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue offer?

We specialize in full spa services for young children, Moms, Girls of all ages, tweens and ladies. We have a number of day spa services and special packages that’ll make any child sparkle, inside and out. Work to not only have fun interactive educational pamper sessions but strive to boost confidence and self-esteem. Group Pamper Packages Parties is great friendship-building opportunities whilst enjoying the treatments in groups. A fun and safe environment. Individual & Group treatments available.

How do I book spa services?

You can email divinedivas7777@gmail.com or call us on 079 504 0528.

Are Divine Divas Pamper Parties- Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue staff trained?

Our team is made up of qualified therapists as well as students in these fields & well trained party assistants.

How do I book a Divine Divas Pamper Parties- Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue party?

You can email divinedivas7777@gmail.com or call us on 079 504 0528.

Parties are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. When a party date and time have been agreed upon, a non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your date and time for the party. Please note that you will be charged the total number of girls you have confirmed. We cannot refund any monies for unexpected cancelled guests. See Booking form T&C’s for more info.

What should we bring to a spa party?

Bring only yourself and sit back and relax. Come Nail polish free, wearing clothes permitting foot soaks – shorts / dress/ tights that can pull-up so feet can go into water. Gowns go over clothes due to it being kids we do not allow undressing. Flip flops or slippers can be brought with, unless you wish to pre-order & buy slippers from us.

Can we bring our own food?

We regret no eating and drinking in the actual spa.If you have booked the VIP Party Room – yes. T&C’s applies. Please note we do not have food storage areas available. Your cupcakes and juice boxes should be ready to serve.

How entertaining are spa parties?

Our guests can tell you that Divine Divas Pamper Parties – Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue Tween Spa parties are the most fun! We pride ourselves on providing a fun, interactive, spa- tacular bonding experience for all guests. Our staff is engaging, caring and well-trained. We also provide mini spa lessons and workshops depending the package booked, where we teach children different tips and tricks on skincare, make up and most importantly, about their unique inner beauty. Children can also relax during their spa services and read some of the top tween and teen magazines we offer.

What’s a “Divine Divas Lotions & Potions Stations”?

Divine Divas Lotions & Potions Stations are one of our most popular activities! Children get to create their very own sugar scrub, perfume, lip gloss, lotion or spa bubbles.  Children can add one of these create-your-own cosmetics to any of their day spa packages or parties. Some party packages already include this awesome addition! Please note this is at an additional cost minimum 12 kids and can be added to any pamper package.

What’s in a “ Divine Divas Pamper Party Favor ”?

We have lots of fab products we tuck into these custom paper party bags. The bag could contain nails polish, a manicure set / pedicure set so you may continue with the pampering and caring at home,a Divine Divas Fizz Bomb or Divine Divas Bath Salt and many more options available. Unicorn items and some bags may contain beautiful headbands, sparkling lip glosses, trendy bracelets or earrings . . . you just never know! We change our items on a regular basis and is a winner and favorite amongst the girls.

What happens if I cancel a booking?

Please refer to booking T&C’s on the booking form.

What are the Divine Divas Pamper Parties- Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue party rules?

For the privacy of our guests video cameras are not permitted in any Divine Divas Pamper Parties – Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue. 

Absolutely no videotaping is allowed.

We do not allow photos as we sell photo packages. However, the hostess by arrangement only can take a few before photos as long as our brand is visible in all photos. Arrange this when making your booking. Some packages include a few complimentary photos uploaded onto FaceBook.

Please inquire when booking. 

Although we love our Divine Divas Pamper Parties Mommies & Daddys, when we have 24 parents for 12 kids indulging in spa services it creates mass chaos, prevents the girls from enjoying the pampering experience fully as many kids jump up and miss out on some treatments. Our staff’s aim is to perform treatments and ensure a full spa party experience but needs to be able to perform their duties, which the hostess has paid for. Our treatment and group lounges are also not big enough to accommodate all the girls and all the moms, dads and family members & girls as well.So, just the invitees please!
The parents of the invited guests are asked to drop off their children 15 minutes prior to the party and pick up at the exact end time of the scheduled party.  Should you wish to have parents stay we have separate room rental fees we can offer you. Please inquire within. A nearby restaurant has coffee facilities for parents to wait at, should they wish. This is for own account.

Are your products safe?

Yes! Due to the nature of our services and the young age of our clients we cannot guarantee how long a nail polish color will stay on for. Some girls likes scratching glitter as it is a weird texture on the nails, although so pretty.  Our facial masks are made with natural ingredients; please let us know of pre-existing skin conditions prior to facial mask applications.

How does Divine Divas Pamper Parties – Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue ensure a safe environment?

We will not provide services to guests with communicable diseases (i.e. lice and warts). Visibly sick guests will be asked to come back when they’re all better. Please do not send sick or contagious children for treatments.
All of our spa utensils & equipment are disinfected; disposable items are thrown out immediately after use.
Divine Divas Pamper Parties – Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue uses hospital grade disinfectants for the cleaning of our spas.

Can I own a Divine Divas Pamper Parties – Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue franchise?

Yes! Divine Divas Pamper Parties – Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue is expanding with mobile area agencies nationally. Please email us.

Liability Small Print:

Divine Divas Pamper Parties  , their owners and hosts will not be liable for any loss , damages , or destruction to property or injury or death of any person whilst our entertainers are at your premises or at the party venue ( whether ours or a venue of your choice) and right of admission reserved.

Spa Product Ingredients

We take your child’s safety very seriously. Our high quality products are the same ones we use on our own children, and we are proud to offer these safe options. 


If your child has an allergy, please contact the parent hosting the party or day spa directly to let them know. 
Please contact the parent hosting the party in regards to food offering options. 

We are very compassionate to children with allergies and are happy to allow parents to bring in their own food for allergic children.

Healthy Spa Environment

We will not provide services to guests with communicable diseases (i.e. lice and warts). Please do not bring your child to the spa if he or she is visibly sick, or has a fever. No treatments on open wounds.

All of our spa utensils are disposable, single-use products. We use hospital-grade disinfectants for the cleaning of our spas.


We recommend children bring their own flip flops/ sandals for hygienic reasons. Light clothing is suggested to enjoy our services. We also recommend guests wear pants or tights that do not cover the feet as they will have to be able to pull their pants up them if they are doing a pedicure service to allow feet to soak in water.

Nail Polish

We ask that you kindly remove any existing nail polish that is on your child’s hand and toes. 

(But if you forget, that’s ok, we can take it off.)

Gift for the Guest of Honor

If you are looking for a very cool gift, Divine Divas Pamper Parties – Mobile & Day Spa Party Venue offer tween boutiques stocking all the hottest gift items. You can call ahead and we’ll have a gift ready — super easy for you! You can also purchase gift certificates online so the guest of honor can come back for some one-on-one pampering. Call us or email to purchase online gift certificates.

Would you like to book a individual treatment or group session at Divine Divas Pamper Parties?  Perhaps a birthday party or book some “Mom and me” time?

All packages excludes the standard call out/ transportation fee for mobile bookings

All prices are subject to availability and to be confirmed at time of making the booking. Prices can change without any prior notice. All confirmed bookings as agreed at time of making the booking’s prices will be honored. Availability limited and booking requests are all subject to availability and deposit secures.                                                                                                                                        Mom’s & Girls Welcome  – all ages                                            Party Place VENUE- OUR DAY SPA

Gauteng Kids Spa

Bookings essential 079 504 0528 divinedivas7777@gmail.com
1147A Terblanche Street, Villeria, Pretoria.

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